Featured Projects

Willmar Properties

This project consisted of 3 properties in Willmar, MN; Water’s Edge Apartments, Eagle Ridge Apartments, and Somerset Apartments. There was also construction of a new club house. The project included both interior and exterior remodeling with 144 occupied units. Working closely and diligently with the owners, Dominium Development & Acquisition, and the architect, Blumentals, this project was completed using timely and accurate skills to ensure all occupants were disturbed as minimally as possible. The project was finished during the summer of 2014.

Maryland Park Apartments

Project One worked very closely with the Owner, Dominium Development & Acquisition and the architect, Blumentals Architecture, to successfully complete an extensive interior and exterior rehabilitation project in the city of St. Paul, MN. With 174 occupied units, Project One used their knowledge and expertise to complete this project on-time and with respect for all occupants.

Roosevelt Townhomes

This was a new construction of a 6 unit townhome (5 two level units and 1 ADA unit). This project was located in the city of St. Paul, MN and was finished in the winter of 2013.

Prairie Horizon Townhomes

Summary: While working with EAPC Architects, Project One completed this project for the Housing and Redevelopment Authority of Clay County in 2012. This project was a new construction of two, two-story, wood framed townhouse buildings with four units in each. This project was located in Moorhead, MN.


New Castle Townhomes

Project One used its value management skills to provide the Owner with quality finishes within budget while keeping the project on schedule. New Castle Townhomes is a 30 unit multi-family housing project developed by the Southwest Minnesota Housing Partnership. Working in conjunction with architects from I & S Group, this project completed in 2011.

Village Green Manor

Summary: Project One worked with Blumentals/Architecture and Theis & Talle Management to complete interior building rehabilitation and site improvements at the Village Green townhomes in Litchfield, MN. This project was completed in 2012.

Edgewood Townhomes

Summary: While working with Blumentals/Architecture and the Southwest MN Housing Partnership, Project One completed Interior & Exterior rehabilitation at the property in Litchfield, MN. This project was completed in 2012.

Additional Projects

Champlin Drive Apartments

Owner: Champlin Leased Housing Assoc. III LP c/o Dominium Development & Acquisition
Architect: Blumentals/Architecture
Location: Champlin, MN
Completed: 2011
Project: Renovation of a 72 Multi-Family housing complex

Delwood Apartments

Owner: HRA of Crosby
Architects: SJA Architects, Inc.
Location: Crosby, MN
Completed: 2010
Project: Window replacement & Mechanical upgrades

Parkview Terrace

Owner: Brutger Equities
Location: St. Cloud, MN
Completed: 2009
Project: Apartment Remodel

Lincoln Apartments

Owner: HRA of Litchfield
Architect: PBA Architects, Inc.
Location: Litchfield, MN
Completed: 2009
Project: Window Replacement

Parkview Villa North Apartments

Owner: Columbia Heights HRA
Architect: BWBR Architects, Inc.
Location: Columbia Heights, MN
Completed: 2010
Project: Apartment renovations

HRA of Grand Rapids

Owner: HRA of Grand Rapids
Architect: SJA Architects, Inc.
Location: Grand Rapids, MN
Completed: 2010
Project: Bathroom upgrades